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Get on the show

EarCandy Radio

To have your music played and featured on EarCandy Radio, You must….

  • Submit the music you want played in MP3 form.
  • Send us a link to drop box or email it to us at Music {@}
  • We are in the process of installing a self contained submission right here, but it is not done yet.
  • Make this as simple and organized as possible, we don’t have time to download, name and transfer files for everyone.
  • Send us a 2-3 paragraph bio of what you have done and what you have coming up in the future, if you do not have this because you are just getting started, that’s fine, we will still play your music.
  • Please don’t send us links to your Bio and expect us to copy, edit and paste it, we don’t have time to do that for everyone and get the show on the air in a timely fashion.
  • You art work in a .gif, jpeg, or .png file no larger than 762×450
  • Include Your Contact info so if someone wants to book you or contact you, they contact you and not us
  • A link or links where people can purchase your music and merch. (Also coming to this site soon except you get to keep all the proceeds)
  • Remember, this is about YOU, this is your opportunity to expose your talent and or band to thousands of people who may otherwise, never hear of you simply because EarCandy Radio’s listener base is of all ages and music genre’s.
  • We are not about censorship, however, try to keep it as clean and family friendly as possible. We have been told that a lot of kids tune into the show and play video games, if we make mom and dad mad, the kids wont be able to purchase your music, come to your shows, buy and wear your merch, and, we don’t have time to answer hostile emails about what little Bobby heard on the internet and repeated it in school. 😉
  • We reserve the right to refuse particular pieces of art or music that may offend people.
  • On the flip side we reserve ours and your right to freedom of speech and expression.